Breaking News: Charlie Benante

Charlie Benante has been sidelined temporarily with a wrist injury- and is unable to perform with Anthrax until fully healed. Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall will be filling in show-by-show on the Mayhem Tour until Benante is ready to go!

Get better Benante!

Army Message Boards


We’re revamping the message boards for a FAR better experience.  Please be patient, as  they will re-launch new and improved  soon.  Because of the difficulties- we’ll be adding extended  time to all memberships for the Army.  We sincerly apologize for the issues with the boards!

-The General

Benante’s Premium Coffee- Launching Soon!

As an Army member you’ll be able to be one of the first to check out Charlie’s new coffee company: Benante’s Premium Coffee!

This is no ordinary slap-a-label on bag of beans kinda thing.  Benante’s is the real deal- from the real deal.  It’s early days in the roasting room- but things are moving fast for a late summer-time launch.  So if you need you java-buzz like we do…

Head on over and sign up for more info HERE!

also- since you an Army soldier- expect more info headed you way on when and how to save on Benante’s

The General


Bello Bass Clinics: Be There!

Frank’s hitting the road all summer with Anthrax, and he’ll also be making select appearances for Hartke as well!

So if your inspiration is to hold down the bottom end of your metal band like Frank so deftly does in Anthrax- make these clinics a mandatory stop when in your city!

For all the heavy details CLICK HERE.

Skate Deck Giveaway!

If you have not already entered- you should visit HERE and enter to win an Anthrax skate deck (and a merch discount too)!

Not a skater and still want a discount? Use the code below for 10% off!


UK Soldiers: Attend the Metal Hammer “Golden Gods” Show For Free!

Hey UK Army- and Londoners in particular! We’ve got free Metal Hammer Golden Gods admission for you!

How so? Cause you’re a member of the Anthrax Army!

Metal Hammer Golden Gods – Monday 11th June 2012 – at O2’s Indigo2

Attend by emailing:


We’ll also need your name, and city of residence– as we Metal Hammer is hoping that YOU WILL attend, so living in London or close to it is preferred- though not required.

You can bring 1 guest as your plus 1! Your tix will be presented to you at the WILL-CALL office on the day of the show by the production company handling the event!

Note: Anthrax, Anthrax Army and Concepts In Concert / All Access Ent. are not responsible for the delivery of tickets or any part of this promotion outside of providing the information to you and for the show! – thanks, The General.